"I recently had the cowl hood painted on my black Mustang GT. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated being updated with the progress of it, and consulting me about what to do with my hood pins when it was decided they were not needed. The amount of care shown for my hood and car as well as the quality paint work (i.e. no fish eyes or orange peel) has made me a happy customer. I would gladly come back for more paint/body work the next time I need it because of the attention I was shown. Granted, I don’t live close to the shop but I know it’s more than worth it. Thank you again!"

Chris J


Be Aware!

Don't let insurance companies steer you towards cheap, poor quality repairs. Know your rights. By law, you are entitled to choose a quality auto body repair shop like Classic Auto Body and be fully covered by your insurance.

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We also have 30+ years experience satisfying the most demanding customers — auto enthusiasts and collectors. We can restore to original appearance most damaged vintage parts, which often cannot be replaced. View the comments made by some of these clients here.

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